When Science Meets Innovation

When strategizing product development, differentiation is not so easy with many brands’ products being built in the same dozen or so factories, mostly based on the same technology platform providers. Just sending sourcing guys to Asia and bringing back the usual stuff won’t cut it.
Material options are a great way to differentiate, from essential components in product design that warrants superior features and specifications, all the way to enhancing the actual perceived design of the product - the part that users actually interact with first - so many times causing the decisive impression with the right enclosure materials.
Probably the best options in materials for audio product design are something no one has ever seen yet. And if it exists, probably its inventor is not even aware of its characteristics' benefits and potential uses in audio applications. Even if does exist, it's been sitting on a catalog of raw materials, probably because no factory knows how to deal with handling it, molding it, perfecting it - and much less understands the tooling needs to make actual parts out of it.
Sometimes, a new material with the right properties is exactly what is needed to make a new successful product, but that's not where your development team is focused. Your modeling and simulation expert knows the demands on your intended design would require exceptional properties that the design team is not aware if they are even achievable. And when engineering is working on solving a problem using a nail, they tend to hammer it...
That's when the experience of industry veterans with a broad knowledge of the physics and chemistry involved in finding the ideal level of conductivity, resistance, density, malleability, elasticity or stiffness become uniquely valuable. Sure, you already hired a team of young material and mechanical engineers. But even the best material science engineers will struggle to find a viable way to apply a new formula into the production process without seriously derailing your whole project - sometimes even compromising your choice of vendors and manufacturing partners.
Audio Materials Science is your expert team that will look at your project from a unique - not a problem - perspective. Understanding material properties, manufacturing processes, acoustics, and actual product design and development. Because our search for materials started with decades of accumulated knowledge and experience working with brands and sourcing partners in all steps of the process.
Audio Materials Science is part of Menlo Scientific, a specialist audio consultancy firm, offering product development, design and technical support, since 1983. More than an audio engineering company, we are the strategic partners for a number of over-achieving companies in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace.


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